We've had a lot of all-star patients graduate physical therapy recently.

Here's what they've had to say!

"This experience has helped me grow as a dancer and as a person. I love coming here and learning more about myself." - Natasha

"I had around 6 sessions with Kendall, and in that short amount of time she helped me in so many different ways. I am 100% sure that I came out of these PT sessions a much better dancer." - Ever

"When I sprained my ankle very badly, seeing Kendall on a regular basis saved my body... I will never not see Kendall after any future injuries." - Audra

"I've been dancing for over 20 years and want to keep doing so, but I was having consistent pain in my left hip and lower back after taking class. I came to Kendall, and it has truly been revolutionary! ...she noticed things about my movement (turnout, pelvis position) that no one had ever been able to help me with before. It's been amazing!" - Jaime

"Kendall helped me recover from knee problems that plagued me for a year... it was truly a miraculous recovery... Kendall was a master motivator!" - Vishal

"Seeing multiple PT's didn't help, but Kendall was able to analyze my body and movements from a dance perspective that made sense to me... Now I'm back dancing and doing what I love, even returning to pointe!" - Sophia