Helena  Birecki is an exceptionally experienced and skilled pilates instructor who will help you gain strength and flexibility. She is also qualified to work  in conjunction with physical therapy treatment. Helena has pilates appointments available.

To schedule private one-on-one pilates with Helena, please call  her at (650)906-6167 or email her at pilates.helena@gmail.com 


Helena is fascinated by all things movement. When she first encountered Pilates at the American Dance Festival in 1997, she responded to its capacity both to integrate the body into a powerful whole, and to promote flexibility in all directions. As a teacher, she loves how Pilates can be tailored to fit the whole spectrum of body types, ages, and exercise needs. She delights in finding the exercises and imagery that help her students achieve-- and exceed-- their goals. Helena holds Pilates certifications from Stott (2001) and the Pilates Method Alliance (2005), and trained in Fascial Fitness with Divo Mueller and Tom Myers (2013). She is continually inspired by the work and legacy of first generation teacher Kathy Grant. She remains an avid student of Pilates, and of movement in general. When she is not in the studio, you can often find Helena dancing, hiking at a State Park, or volunteering with the cats in the city animal shelter.

About Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercise designed to work the whole body from the center outward. The equipment-- Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chairs, and Barrels-- can enhance feedback, support, or challenge and make the system accessible to all levels of movers.

recent class offerings


The Dancers’ Self-Healing Series

taught by Kendall Alway, PT, DPT. Students will learn anatomy, typical mechanisms of dance injuries and when to seek professional help. Exercises and some self-healing techniques to strengthen and hopefully prevent injury in the future will be taught. This series is designed for both dancers who are healthy and those who have experienced injury.


•Learn anatomy related to each topic.

•Typical problems dancers develop and why.

•Ways to correct technique errors that lead to these problems.

•Exercises and self-healing techniques to help fix these issues.



Strong and stable spines

Avoiding and fixing ankle sprains

The shoulder: the other ball and socket joint

Tendons of the foot and ankle

Bone health and healing fractures

Taping techniques for dancers

Dance alignment to avoid injury

Hypermobility and you


NEED A CLASS FOR YOUR STUDIO? THESE CLASSES TRAVEL WELL.  Call (415)658-7911 or email admin@sfperformingartstherapy.com to request a class for your studio. Custom classes available on other topics at the request of the studio.