Physical Therapy

During a Pandemic

Fully vaccinated staff,
Good Airflow,
and KN95 Masks

Physical Therapy is not a socially distanced activity, so we take extreme precautions. We have to keep ourselves and our families safe too! At this time, most of our patients, and all of our staff, are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

When you arrive in our airy space, you will notice it may be windy! We love air circulation to disperse any possible escaped droplets, so we keep our windows and door open, and have air circulator fans running (bring your sweatshirt). Typically there are only three people at a time in the space, but there may be as many as seven on occasion.

You will first be invited to wash your hands at our bathroom sink. We will then ask you if you have been feeling sick in the last two weeks or have been in contact with anyone sick in the last two weeks. 

Patients are required to wear KN95 masks at all times. If you do not have a KN95 mask, you will be provided with one to use throughout your PT sessions. Your PT will be wearing a KN95 mask too!


If you feel short of breath, we use a fingertip pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen saturation in your blood. If you are breathing hard we will ask you to step outside the office for some deep breaths.



We use hospital grade disinfection. After your visit, we wipe down our waiting area chairs, and any and all equipment used. We use mats for laying on the floor and the mats are disinfected after every patient. It is very likely you will see your therapist wash their hands more than once during your visit. 



We feel comfortable with the precautions we have taken to keep ourselves and our patients safe. So far, the patients have given us very positive feedback that they feel safe in our care. That said, please feel free to ask us questions! Also, we still have online appointments available!